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DyNama, Ohio, USA DOG Though I'm actually a cat person, I relish the mystery of the word "Dog", the oldest domesticated animal, and our companions for 33,000 years. Not only is the origin of the word "dog" one of the great mysteries of English etymology, but unrelated words for "dog" in other languages are also mystery words of unknown origin! Perhaps it was the invented name of a particular animal or the house or family or town or tribe where he lived, that eventually was applied to every member of the species!
培根词汇 Peigen App Peigen is the official Online Etymology Dictionary App (英语词源词根手机APP) for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
谷大白话 谷大白话微信博客 谷大白话是一位英语老湿,也是囧司徒和丁日最大的粉丝。
Likes24 INTERNET Likes24 is a social media marketing service specialized in facebook marketing. We chose to sponsor the word "internet", because nowadays it has grown up to an economic good, whose constant availability is an indispensable element of many areas of everyday life.
Rebecca Bourke ORANGE
Inara Tabir CONLANG In honour of the conlanging community. May you dream in your language.

Snollygoster: a delightfully ridiculous slang term for a dishonest politician (yes, it does raise an obvious question, doesn't it?). Believed to be a corruption of snallygaster, a mythical beast said to prey on poultry and children.
Travelicia TRAVEL For all travel lovers and Digital Nomads all over the world. Live your travel dreams!
Jamie COMPUTER The word computer is proudly sponsored by AppWrap technology blog.
Jamie COOK The word cook is proudly sponsored by CookBakeEat cooking and baking website.
Dr. Tali Shenfield, Psychologist PARENTING Dr. Tali Shenfield is a child psychologist and a clinical director of Richmond Hill Psychology Center in Toronto, Canada. When not busy with psychological assessments or psychotherapy, she is writing in her "Parenting and Psychology Blog"
Jeff POSITIVE Jeff is a retired IT industry executive who spends all his time on charitable work and volunteering. He is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and positive attitude and, together with his son Mike, he is running popular blog "Positive Health Therapy", where he promotes positive outlook, meaningful living, and healthy lifestyle.
Jeff ATTITUDE Jeff is a retired IT industry executive who spends all his time on charitable work and volunteering. He is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and positive attitude and, together with his son Mike, he is running popular blog "Positive Health Therapy", where he promotes positive outlook, meaningful living, and healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Tali Shenfield, Psychologist PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Tali Shenfield is a child psychologist and a clinical director of Richmond Hill Psychology Center in Toronto, Canada. When not busy with psychological assessments or psychotherapy, she is writing in her "Parenting and Psychology Blog"
JESSICA WEIRDO For Matthew, my favorite weirdo. Love, Fluttershy
SUZANNE SCALA NICE in honor of Ben Rosengart
JOHN CORYAT OBFUSCATE "the darkening of a sore." Excellent!

CLEMENCY This is for Andie. I still love you.

The Memeticist
MEME The Memeticist (thememeticist.com and @TheMemeticist) loves Etymonline.com! Your tireless efforts in shedding light on the past and present of the English language get us up in the morning and start us on our day of meme-hunting. Join us as we connect and reconnect ideas both big and small...
JENN LeBLANC COCK As a romance author, cock is one of the most important words for penis in the historical setting. It's powerful, historical and beautiful. -Jenn LeBlanc
Metal Expansion Joints JOINT Sponsored by Pathway Wahlco, a global leader in expansion joint manufacturing
Expansion Joints Engineering ENGINEERING Sponsored by Pathway Wahlco, a global leader in expansion joint manufacturing
PETE TEDDER USUFRUCT I've always loved this word that sounds rude but isn't. And the only vowels are 3 Us. What's not to love about it?
JULIE KLASSEN BLUESTOCKING 18th c slang for an overly-educated woman, which I suppose I am in danger of becoming, since I visit this site often to check terms for the Regency era, when my novels are set. Thanks! For more information about my historical fiction, visit www.julieklassen.com.


NERD Nerd has become an important part of my lexicon, having named my new(ish) business 'WordNerd', and there I was thinking Dr. Seuss had actually invented it. I love this site and I'm glad to be able to support your work in a small way.
MEERA SETHI ESSAY "Saying is one thing and doing is another" -- Michel de Montaigne
PATRICK O'SULLIVAN QUIXOTIC For Mel, Happy 30th birthday! Thanks for being a continuous source of adventure and inspiration. You are forever fantastic and free. Love, Pat.
Domain Services Limited DOMAIN Accredited Registrar of .in Indian Domain Names
Domain Services Limited INDIAN Registration of .in Indian Domain Names
CHARLES OREY SHADOW Shadows are more than two dimension reflections of ourselves. They can point to our future and our past.
HANNELE KORMANO YEA The word is not something that one finds, but something that one creates.
DF DUO Dear NK, Our own "song for two voices" was written one night in a humble Peruvian kitchen. Under the gaze of the Pachamama, our matchmaker, we began our duet. Often separated yet always together, may we -- a duo -- continue to make mellifluous melodies. Yours, DF
Uta Willer EARWIG as a way to remember my late partner Paul, who taught me English in a very unique way, I'd like to sponsor the word "earwig" - following the little joke Paul used to cheer me up ever now and again: what does one earwig say to the other while jumping off a cliff? - earwi-goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
typr.co.uk BUTLER Ireland's Gadget Blog, Gadgets.ie (http://www.gadgets.ie) wish to thank the creators of etymonline.com for providing such a great resource - Thank you!
Griffon Preparation Services, LLC HIRSUTE Sponsored by the Spring 2011 Griffon Prep GRE class of Ana Lucia, Courtney, Diana, Gaurvika, Jaclyn, Jaya, Jesse, Jessie, Maggie, and Noel
Griffon Preparation Services, LLC CALLIPYGIAN A lovely and useful word sponsored by the Griffon Prep Summer of 2011 GRE Class of Adoara, Allison, Alysse, Denitsa, Kevin, Kim, Preethi, and Tyler.
Griffon Preparation Services, LLC PULCHRITUDE This very ugly way to say "beautiful" is sponsored by the Griffon Prep Summer 2011 GRE Class of Alex, Claire, Daniel, Eric, Erin, Jocelyn, Michelle, Natania, Nicole, Nora, and Sarah.
DANCE To Maddy Wynne-Jones: Dance is, and always has been, at the heart of you. Long may you continue to articulate new ideas and power and beauty in the language of the body. With all my love, on our anniversary - your N
Poetry Blog BLOG Nihilistic Poetry ?s a poetry blog dedicated to the art and writings of Pablo Saborio. Grateful to Etymoline for its invaluable service to those lost inside the maze of language.
LARRY HILLS SMITTEN By JG for over twenty-five years.
LARRY HILLS PHYSICS Alternate definition: Anything that a physicists, a curious lot (and no respecters of artificial boundaries), choose to study.
SARAH LINDHOLM BUTLER The Online Etymology Dictionary has been a highly valuable resource in translating the wild and crazy anime Black Butler (now available on DVD and Blu-ray). It's simply one hell of a dictionary. Thank you!
OperativeWords.com NAME Learn about the principles and practice of brand naming at OperativeWords.com.
Flombaye SPONSOR Sponsors are essential to bringing you stuff. Some of the best words are brought to you in the middle of your favorite show by real live sponsors. In short: sponsors have the potential to rock.
Frank Bechstein SPIELE .
JAMES ESTEN BLOVIATE A terrific word personified so comprehensively by many of our politicians
Christopher Humphries HIEROGLYPHIC Just a geek that likes ancient Egyptian history and the Stargate franchise.

The English Dictionary.org
VOCABULARY Found this valuable resource during our online research on linguistic s and we're
honoured to sponsor the word vocabulary.

To find word definitions and meanings online, visit The English Dictionary.org

William Riley-Land HACKER The hack that can be named is not the true hack -- Lao Tzu
CATHERINE SOUTHERLAND EPISTOLARY The Willowmarsh Letters is Catherine Southerland's first published novel, telling a story in an epistolary format. Check out more by visiting www.wix.com/catsouth/catherinesoutherland
BRADLEY CURRY REGURGITATION Without you, I would've forever wondered why there is no such word as "gurgitation." Cheers and thank you!
CATHERINE SOUTHERLAND SPEAKEASY While writing Cigars, Cigarettes, Sedition, Catherine Southerland has relied heavily on this site for period-correct slang. Thanks!! Check out more by visiting www.wix.com/catsouth/catherinesoutherland

Nihilistic Poetry
NIHILISM "Because from nothing comes everything"
PIP woof!
LELLA SHAFFNER FAITH A sense of duty-- I has it.
Griffon Preparation Services DOFF This word is sponsored by the Griffon Prep Sept/Oct 2010 GRE Class of John, Tracey, Nam, Emily, Jon, and Linda. Good luck on your test guys!
JOHN BECK KNOW Thank you so much for your work. Yours is far and away the most frequented reference site in my bookmarks tab. Immensely helpful to this hopeless word-nerd!
Joshua Salisbury CATHODE The way down. How relaxing!
Cincinnatus C. WAXWING I was the smudge of ashen fluff -- and I Lived on, flew on, in the reflected sky.
TRENDINGS TRENDINGS http://www.trendings.de

Kyle Maschmeyer
WOOF (1) I like to think of the languages of Europe as dialects of one language. The ability to trace origins lets one see deeper than the average person and see how many cognates there are. This dictionary's a treasure.
David Kernick DEACON For Amanda, on the occasion of her ordination into ministry in the Church of England, July, 2010. Love, Dave
Brad Pape REVIVAL A revivalist is a believer who is focused and passionate, willing to pay any price to live in purity and power because they are loved by God and love Him, Whose manifest presence transforms lives and cultures. http://www.ibethel.org

Taras Bilinsky
EXAGGERATE Thank you, great resource!

DISSENT For CET, because no one will make a better American than those who want to change it. Happy anniversary, love!
Bee Dictionary BEE Bee Dictionary is world's leading online dictionary of English. Along with definitions, Bee Dictionary also provides phonetics, audio, synonyms and antonyms in its nice Web 2.0 interface. Users can also add searched words to their personal word list.
Moonface MELLIFLUOUS I was looking for the derivation of mellifluous for surfacelanguages when I found your site. I love it.

Bruce Hall
BOONDOCKS Come to the country that inspired the word! Visit the lovely Philippines. Visit the bundoks or the beaches. The beaches are nicer but some of the bundoks belch ash and lava periodically. Pretty cool. Oh, and the Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country.
A Yankee in the Philippines

Dominique Meens
Rick Bucich TECHNOLOGY Tech Blog
KIM SMITH SPATULA, FAR-FETCHED Toby: Don't bring the Yiddish unless you know what you're doing. Donna: You know what word should be Yiddish but isn't? Toby: Huh? Donna: "Spatula". Toby: Thank you. Donna: Also "far-fetched". --"The West Wing", episode 2.3: "The Midterms"

Tourism Chicago
CHICAGO we love your site and think it's a fantastic concept.

LEXICON Lexiology is word's leading online dictionary of American English. Along with definitions, Lexiology also provides phonetics, audio, synonyms and antonyms in it's Web 2.0 interface. Users can add searched words to their personal word list and access them online from anywhere.

-PHILE Michael, From one "phile" to another, happy Valentine's Day.

COACHING Nachhilfe

Hand Print Press
THINK/THANK one word that's been divided, to our great loss. May we learn re-union -- partly through learning the stories of the words we use w/out thinking or thanking...

Tamara Gross
INDEFATIGABLE Dum spiro spero
Choi Wah ECOLOGY Ecology, the biggest problem mankind faces in the 21st century. I hope we all do something, some good things, about it.

EXPERIMENT The notion of the 'experiment' is one of the most powerful and complex ideas of modern times, seeming to promise both control and freedom. We need to explore the role that experimentation could play in producing a more just, fulfilling and sustainable world. http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality
James Bixby XMAS "You've made it almost to the finish, But?before the wrapping you diminish, You must use this yuletide clue, To find the gifts that are for you!"
Daniel Thomas EXPLORE I love this site because I love to explore words. Thanks for making it happen.
Allison Cobb GREEN .

AMELIORATE vo yaar hai jo khushbuu kii tarah
jiskii zabaan Urdu kii tarah
Griffon Preparation Services PERIPATETIC Sponsored by the Griffon Prep autumn GRE class of Adi, Allison, Everett, Jennifer, Keida, Laurie, Michael, Nasim, and Rebecca. Good luck on your GREs guys!
Secrets of Freemasons FREEMASON Learn about the Freemasons History by reading our articles exploring Masonic symbols, rituals, principles, and traditions.
Ben Georgeson FUNK "Smell that? Your welcome."

Will Project
WILL The Will Project was proposed by Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis. He defined the project as a "program of research on the Will and its applications."
ESL English ENGLISH (1) The word English is proudly sponsored by English Language Help.

MERMAID How did I ever do my work before Etymonline?


TOASTER Insert favorite Facebook status here. :)
JOANI NARAYAN CROCHET CROCHET - manipulation of thread, yarn, twine, or spaghetti with a hook designed for the task. Great way to spend many hours productively. Also very meditative. http://crochet.craftgossip.com jd in st louis Arch Crocheter ?

MICTURITION Discovered this word in researching correct usage of words in the 1700s for my new book Magician's Spell (from Red Rose Publishing). As a long time lover of Lord of the Rings Doug's reference was timeless!!!! Thanks Doug for an invaluable resource.
SEM Visibility SWORD .
KERRY WEBB CLIMB Long life and happiness to Geordie and Jess
CHARLES HARTMAN STARLING "In my beginning is my end"
LUTZ PIETSCHKER BOTHER I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me. (Mr Edward Bear)
LUKE PETSCHAUER BUCOLIC Never again will I forget this word's definition (or its etymology).
KAREN LISA SALAMON AUTHENTIC Trying to understand how a quest for the Authentic has become a driver in contemporary politics, religion, cultural production and management, Etymonline is a great resource! See www.etnograf.dk.
RUTH ADAR GUMPTION Gumption gets the job done.
RICHARD ALEXANDER SPRING Of hymns I am the Brhat-sama sung to the Lord Indra, and of poetry I am the Gayatri verse, sung daily by Brahmanas. Of months I am November and December, and of seasons I am flower-bearing spring.
UCLA Photo Flickr Group PHOTO A UCLA photo group on Flickr

Tube Clock Database
ELECTRON Nixie clocks, VDF clocks and Numitron clocks.
DeepSkyBlue.org COLLEGE Just a UCLA college blog, Go Bruins!
MARC WADDELL DYSTOPIA More realistic (get the pun?), this word is laced throughout novels, movies, and other arts as a realistic fear of the destiny of humankind and its pathetic choices of forms of government. Orwell may be the king of this universe whose singular fear is the return of worldwide despotic dictatorship.
MARC WADDELL UTOPIA This word has been at the core of many modern literary/artistic themes; While Sir Thomas More's vision was a great one, it seemed blithely unaware of the core nature of humanity.
LAURA CAREY MIRTH Something everyone should have in their life. Plus it just sounds cool.
VALERIE McCORD STRENGTH Gabrielle: God is my strength.

STANDARD I have chosen standard as my word because I am a standard-bearer for standard English usage and high academic standards. I campaign at these sites:
MARILYN KELLY HERO To my husband, Dana, the only hero in my heart. I may write about other tall, dark, and handsome men, but none of them holds a candle to you. Thank you for all your heroic qualities.
BPS HISTORY Visit the Interesting History web site for interesting history myths, facts, and other interesting history information. www.interestinghistory.info
Open House Ideas STAGING For my beloved children, Mitchell and Alex, who decorate my life everyday. - Tuan Vu
DyNama, Ohio, USA TH- Just supporting a site I use often. i love the complicated etymology of th-, it has everything! non-alpha characters, confused pronunciation, changes by typesetters and overeager etymologists, and different paths through Romance and Germanic languages. i especially love debunking "ye old" pronounced with the "y" sound. "DyNama"
KENAN MINKOFF QUOTIDIAN the greatest everyday word
LORENZO CAPITANI DEVIL The word I wish to sponsor is "devil", known by some as Samuel. Devil also comes from Diabolus, he who separates (good from evil, competent from incompetent), known also as the poison of God, the right amount of poison cures, too much kills.
KENAN MINKOFF FRAIL www.onhumanfrailty.com
VALERIE McCORD SOLILOQUY Christina, thanks for your friendship. I value it greatly. -Val
PAUL McCUE DRAGON Happy valentine's day, my lovely fierce Jenny. Love from Paul.

ADORE The true meaning of Christmas and the action of a smiling soul
KENAN MINKOFF SOLILOQUY in honor of Augustine and Shakespeare, both Saints
STYVAS AMBER Mano Jurate, goddess of the sea... you will always be in my heart and mind... together we can overcome the fury of the thunder-god... Tavo Kastytis
. MALVERSATION Sponsored by the Griffon Prep winter GRE class of Alex, Erin, Jade, Jean, Kirby, Linda, and Melinda. Wishing them all luck on their GREs!
MELANIE REINHART HOUR Thank you so very much for a wonderful on-line resource.
ANDREAS SCHAMANEK LIE "Lies are anything but surface."
-- rattus rattus' blog, http://blog.rats.at/
"you have no chance to survive. make your time."
From: Wolfy To: Jen
DAVID KERNICK ZOMBIE For Chris, my all-time favourite zombie hunter, whom I love to the Moon and back.
CENYANG QIAN CULINARY I'm happy to sponsor a word. I want to give it as a present to my fiance. I hope more people find true love. And I love different languages. I wish people learn more about other people and other countries.
JASON VILLARREAL RAIN "...[T]he rain falls upon the just and unjust alike..." It's also my favorite type of weather -- great for cookin' up homemade stews and enjoying good company. Many thanks from an appreciative conservative.
To my Sweet Ambrosia thank you for the best two years of my life. I'll love you forever.
sarah, i love the way you tell the story. thanks for taking the cover off. it felt a mystical event to me.
MELANIE REINHART HIEROPHANT Thank you for a great resource on line.
SheetMusicDB.net DOPPELGANGER For more cool German English words, go here: http://germanenglishwords.com.
Happy birthday! (15 minutes of fame for us, 6 months for you)
KAREN HURST CHERISH To Darren & Sydney: Thanks for your love and support as I continue to torture you both with my PhD courses. I love you both. The word CHERISH sums it all up! ~ Karen
Happy birthday, Dr. D!
NATHAN CONLEY UNDERSTAND "Do not weep; do not wax indignant"
CHRISTINA ZIMMERMAN PORNOGRAPHY For etymonline.com, my favorite word porn. Where else could I turn to verify what 'merkin' really means?
SMORGASBORD Hyv syntym p iv , Alex!
All the Finnish-derived English words suck.
< 3 Piya and Lisa
AUDREY ALLEN IRENIC Always, no matter what.
ALEX ROBBINS VERVE Happy birthday, Greg! In honor of you, your way with words, and your way with me. The world could learn a lot from your verve, as I have ... and we'd all be better writers and scrabble-players for it. You're my love! ~Alex~

You've always owned this word in my book. Now you own it in everyone's.
Colleen: I'll always protect you... in bed

-Nathaniel Hawthorne

LARD Lard and butter are good for you. Corn oil isn't. Eat real food.

Learn more at www.NinaPlanck.com

anonymous PORTMANTEAU For Lexy, in thanks for "Hilaristurbing"

Be sure to check out her master work at www.talesofmu.com
For Misael

His shiny shoes mean rain, and I love him.

PUNK Punk (n.): 1. A teenager or adult who is a performer or enthusiast of punk rock and/or a member of the punk youth subculture

Patrick Graney (n.): see 'punk'
STEPHEN HUGHES-JELEN LOVE For Wendy with... on our 10th anniversary.

"Two such as you with such a master speed,
cannot be parted nor be swept away,
from one another once you are agreed,
that life is only life forevermore,
together wing to wing and oar to oar."

Robert Frost
NICHOLAS STANICOF LOVELONGING Lovelonging - a verb, a noun, so often felt, so rarely expressed, and almost never fulfilled. To the one who fills me with lovelonging 'till I can am overflowing with love.
The friendliest fiber animal which hums as you work, its fleece is soft as a cloud and will keep you very warm.
In honor of the best dog ever sprung from the pound, the noble Beauregard.


For accessing the breeze and other metaphysical delights ...

Bon anniversaire!"

OAK Look at an old oak, and you understand how much we need the trees. But do they need us?
InDepthInfo.com INFORMATION Thanks so much for this wonderful resource. I often come to the Online Eymology Dictionary to put a word in context.
YVONNE ABURROW MYSTIC For my beloved, who is a mystic and loves etymology.

The mystery of the universe is: "Thou art That" (Tat tvam asi) - the recognition of the Beloved Other manifested in all that is.

My blog
houseoflinks.com DIRECTORY Houseoflinks.com is visitor recommended web directory for the following categories: home, health, car, consumer, finance, environmental, "green," education and more.

From etymonline.com's listing: Directory: "alphabetical listing of inhabitants of a region" is from 1732. (direct: c.1374)

Visit today to browse some of the best sites of the web, or vote for your own favorite site at houseoflinks.com

DESIRE Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;

~Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann
ALAN MAGID JULY This word is dedicated to my beautiful grandson Julian who was born in this month. Julian is strong like his papa Ben and beautful like his mama Nat.
RYAN BURNEY QUOTIDIAN Your site has been an invaluable resource for mine (www.quotidian.us). Thank you.

For my Boswell Sisters singing partners, Sally and Lydia.
SANDRA COBURN HUSBAND With gentle attendance
And unbridled ardor,
You aid and nourish.
You strengthen and encourage.
You provide and protect,
Cultivate and preserve.
You are my husband.

All my love, Sandy

PEACE Visit our site at fundraisingip.com if you need help with planning, running and improving your product, online, e-mail or in-person fundraising events. We chose to sponsor the word "peace" because we believe that helping others in any way plays a big part in creating peace on this earth.

Thanks to etymonline.com for a great service!!

M.ster MENSCH For Ani del Zorro, a "person of strength and honor." Thanks for being one. Smoosh
Online Spiele COLOGNE .
ERIKA PASSION "passion. intense feeling. I love this word and the emotion to which it refers. even the word itself is intense and requires commitment to say it. This word and its sister word, compassion, sum up what I aspire to in my life."
JULIE GRITTON PICARESQUE This was the word that sent my daughter to the National Spelling Bee! Etymonline is a great study reference.
ALEJANDRO P. MURGIA CELLAR DOOR The most beautiful english word compound according to Tolkien.

Great site!

BEAR (n.) For my Jammers - It's still one of the best eties ever and I'm still so glad you shared it with me. Life has been etymologically enriching and gloriously dorky ever since. So thank you. You know it.

You know it!!!!!!!!

With love,
anonymous GODDESS Because you are one, my darling Niagra.

Your metalogical Merlin

TORGNY LINDVALL DEW An old Germanic word with a rich history ("Tau" in modern German, "dagg" in modern Swedish), and many refreshing connections.
KittyCo A loving playful dedicated feline, as is her human Anita. Here's just a little more of the love they deserve.

CASTLE Because as we well know, you are very fond of castles! Happy Mothers Day! xoxox Beth and Greg

MOTHER Mom, this is for you. You have always been there for me, even today; when I am thousands of miles away, I know that you are still there supporting me. You and Dad raised three kids, granting each of us an exceptional education not only in the traditional areas, but also in the areas of ethics and morality. Then you allowed us to spread our own win